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BI & Data Trends

2022 er godt i gang, og tradisjonen tro starter Tallmaker året med å høre hva Qlik og Dan Sommer mener det har å by på. Anbefales!

Tidspunkt: mandag 11. januar, kl 11:00

Sted: internett (webinar)

Qlik skriver dette om mandagens webinar:

Get ready for what’s coming next.

According to PwC, nearly 4 out of 5 CEOs believe that remote collaboration will last after the pandemic. And Gartner predicts that through 2025, 80% of organizations trying to scale digital business will fail because they don’t take a modern approach to data and analytics governance. How will trends like these impact your business – and what should you do to get ahead of them? Join us on January 11 for BI & Data Trends 2022, where we’ll cover what’s emerging right now, including:

  • The emergence of collaboration mining

  • The evolution of the dashboard

  • The rise of data lineage and explainable BI

  • The use of application automation to trigger action

Discover what’s next – so you can plan ahead. Register now to reserve your spot.


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